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The Harrwitz Series Timeless Chess Set - 3.5 inch King
The Harrwitz Series Timeless Chess Set - 3.5 inch King
The Harrwitz Series Timeless Chess Set - 3.5 inch King, Natural Boxwood and Genuine Ebony
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Spearheaded by the Maestro Frank A. Camaratta, Jr., an exquisite reproduction of the Jaques of London Circa 1853 Harrwitz Style Chessmen, arguably the most distinctive of the Staunton Chessmen ever produced by the legendary firm.

Deluxe Chess Sets is proud to introduce our newest masterpiece - The Harrwitz Series Chess Set. Part of our Timeless Collection, the Harrwitz 1853 Series Chess set is exact reproduction of the Jaques of London Chessmen Circa 1853 Harrwitz Staunton Pattern Chessmen. These Chessmen feature a 3.5" King with a 1.65" Diameter base and are very heavily weighted. These Chessmen are an exact match to the original detail, down to the smallest details!

The most striking aspect of the Harrwitz Series Chess Set is the beautiful patina on the Boxwood (White) Chessmen. Our artisans have accurately captured the rich, golden color commonly found on well preserved antique Chess sets. The most famous of the ornamental woods, Genuine Ebony (Black) Chessmen is a luxurious hardwood that is a prized for its jet black color, very fine grain and overall beauty. Genuine Ebony is considered to be the quintessential Chess set by Chess collectors that appreciate the purity of the White army versus the Black army on the 64-square battlefield. Simply put, these Chessmen look like they could very well be over 150 years old.

FINANCIAL COMPARISON: Actual Circa 1853 Jaques of London Harrwitz Pattern Staunton Chess sets with a 3.5" King historically sell for upwards of $3,000 USD at auction. To put this number in context, please consider the fact that Chess pieces of this age always have some blemishes, such as dirt, cracks, chips, dings, patina discoloration and possibly replacement pieces. Here's your opportunity to purchase an exact reproduction of these legendary Chessmen, in Pristine Condition, for a fraction of the price.

Note: The Chessboard/s shown in this listing are for photographic purposes only and are not included with the purchase of these Chessmen.

Chess Board Included? The Chess Board featured is for photographic purposes only and must be purchased separately.
Material Used Wood (Hand Carved) - Genuine Ebony and Natural Boxwood
King Height 3.5" (8.89 cm)
King Base Diameter 1.65" (4.19 cm)
Recommended Board Size 2.0'' inch / 5.1cm, 2.25'' inch Squares / 5.7 cm
Median Set Weight 32.4 Ounces
Total Number of Pieces 34 Chess Pieces (Includes 2 Additional Queens)