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Themed Chess Sets

Themed Chess Sets

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"Approach the Bench" Legal Chess Set"Approach the Bench" Legal Chess SetThe chess pieces, made of cold cast bronze are based on iconic courtroom figures: The King is 5" Tall The Chessboard is 18" x 19" (footprint) with approximately 2" squares.
Masked Antiqued ChessmenMasked Antiqued ChessmenA most extraordinary set of chessmen, remarkably plain in appearance but yet very beautiful in its simplistic styling. It features a combination of medieval masked figurines on modern bases.
The American Revolutionary War Chess SetThe American Revolutionary War Chess SetAt the time of King George III's coronation in 1760 the British were the pre-eminent power on the North American sub-continent. They had a difficult time persuading the colonists of the territory to pay taxes to the British Crown and as a result outbreaks of violence occurred which eventually escalated into full scale war between Britain and its North American colony.
The Battle of Bannockburn Chess PiecesThe Battle of Bannockburn Chess PiecesThis gorgeous Chess set commemorates the patriotic quest of Robert the Bruce, King of Scots, to free his land of foreign domination reached its climax at the Battle of Bannockburn on 24th June 1314. King height, 4.75 inch; king base diameter 1.5 inch.
The Battle of Hastings Chess SetThe Battle of Hastings Chess SetChess pieces that represent the two opposing armies in the most famous battle fought on English soil. Harold, the English King leads his Saxon forces against the invading William, Duke of Normandy. King Height is 4.5'' inch and King Base Diameter is 2.5'' inch.
The Battle of Trafalgar Chess SetThe Battle of Trafalgar Chess SetThe Battle of Trafalgar chess set has recreated the atmosphere of the great battle. Height of King 5 1/2 inch.
The Camelot Series Luxury Porcelain Chess Pieces - 5.0" KingThe Camelot Series Luxury Porcelain Chess Pieces - 5.0" KingThe Camelot Series Luxury Porcelain chessmen is crafted in the Gothic sculpture style of European cathedrals, each piece has stylized etails, from the flowing robes of the King to the dramatic full-bodies Knights atop their steeds as they charge into battle, each piece adds layers of prestige and drama to the board.
The Canterbury Cathedral Handpainted Chess SetThe Canterbury Cathedral Handpainted Chess SetThe Canterbury Cathedral was one of the noblest churches in Christendom during the Middle Ages. The skilled designers and sculptors of Studio Anne Carlton have created from the architecture and statuary in and around Canterbury Cathedral a chess set of gracious proportions and great detail.
The Celtic Hand Painted Chess PiecesThe Celtic Hand Painted Chess PiecesThe Celtic people were inhabitants of areas of Western Europe, particularly Ireland, Wales, Brittany and the Highlands of Scotland. They were subjected to raids by Vikings and Norsemen and this chess set is the story of a battle between the Irish King, Brian Boru and the Viking invaders. King height 4.4" inch, king base diameter 1.5" inch.
The Crusades Chess SetThe Crusades Chess SetThis is a magnificent chess set which epitomizes the struggles for domination between Christians and Muslims. This conflict has continued intermittently for over a thousand years, but it is the period between 1095 and 1292 which has captured our imagination because of the exploits of the Crusader knights.
The Mini Isle of Lewis Antiqued Chess PiecesThe Mini Isle of Lewis Antiqued Chess PiecesThese chess pieces are scaled replicas of the originals which were discovered on the Isle of Lewis off the West Coast of Scotland and which are now housed safely and securely in the British Museum of London and in Edinburgh. Many pieces were discovered and this is our interpretation of the Isle of Lewis chess set. King Height is 2.325" inch and King Base Diameter is 1.0'' inch.
The Mini Roman Chess SetThe Mini Roman Chess SetThe miniature set is a compact set that shows the elegance of the Roman era. The chessmen are made of an antiqued ground stone with the opposing side stained a rich burgundy brown.
The Robin Hood Hand Painted ChessmenThe Robin Hood Hand Painted ChessmenCome now to the ancient forest of Sherwood, beneath the oaks older than history. Witness the noble efforts of Robin hood, Maid Marion, Friar Tuck & the Merry Men as they hatch another daring plan to rob from the rich to give to the poor.

Theme Chess Sets

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