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About Us

Deluxe Chess Sets is a family own company dedicated to provide the highest quality chess products at an affordable price. As a member of the United States Chess Federation since 1992, I've learned to appreciate a well played game enhanced by a classical chess set. Deluxe Chess Sets has an extensive collection of wooden chess sets to meet your needs and give you a chess playing experience you always wanted from a chess set. The feeling of moving classical chess pieces around the chessboard can never be replaced by online chess games. Staunton patterned chessmen is a must whether playing in a tournament or just for fun.

Our chess products are categorized by chess sets (pieces only), chessboards, chess pieces/board combination, and themed chess sets. The chess products description are very informative and detailed. Our goal is to make your shopping experience hassle free and as easy as possible. We are committed to customer satisfaction and welcome any suggestion or comments through our Contact Us page.



Dedicated to my Gandson Jaylen.